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States of India

India is the land of 28 States, 6 Union Territories and 1 National Capital Territory - New Delhi that portrays Unity in Diversity with vibrant cultural heritage and spiritual mysticism.

Indian States are a land of breathtaking extremes, diverse multitude of cultures, languages, religious, dress, cuisine, fairs and festivals that make India one of the most favored destinations with distinctive flavor varying dramatically from region to region and state to state for tourists across the world. Indian States are full of magnificent landscapes, glorious historical monuments, royal cities, golden beaches, year-long festivities, colorful people, rich culture and tradition, lofty mountains, lush greenery, wildlife, lakes, and many more.

So, get you down to Indian States in a journey through the fascinating lanes of the country which reflect all the elements that go on to shape this splendid land as wonderful destination of the world.

Click HERE for a full list of states and Union Territories of India.

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